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In-line blending is the process of mixing together a number of liquids to achieve a finished product of closely defined quality and quantity.

A good blending system should achieve this without the need for blend adjustments (wastage), with sufficient automation to limit the potential for errors and should keep the labour and production costs to a minimum.

Jiskoot is an internationally acknowledged leader in the field of in-line blending systems with over 40 years experience of blender design. We can supply solutions ranging from simple ratio control two-stream blenders for fuel and crude oil applications through to large systems with automatic density or viscosity blend optimisation. Jiskoot is able to provide complete blending solutions from design to start-up and our systems are guaranteed to operate as a totally integrated part of your process plant and reduce your operating costs.

  • Applications
    A range of turnkey, integrated in-line blending systems for process liquids including crude oil, LPG, LNG, ethanol and bunker fuel oil.
  • Systems
    Fully guaranteed turnkey in-line blending systems. The system type depends on the products being blended, the quality of feedstock and the final product specifications. 
  • Products
    A range of control systems, analyser loops and mixing systems that offer the optimum performance as part of an in-line blending system.