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InSpec Enhanced Blender Controller

The InSpec blender controller is a true 3-term PID controller, suitable for controlled rate batch blending, wildstream responsive blending and analyzer trim applications.

Data Sheet - InSpec Enhanced Blender Controller


JISKOOT InSpec Ex Enhanced Blend Controller

The InSpec Ex Enahnced Blend Controller is designed to control a two stream blending system. It can operate in controlled rate or flow resposive modes providing either the regulation of both streams to achieve the required flow, quantity and ratio, or to a wildstream to maintain a second, or additive stream to the required ratio with respect to the wild or unregulated stream.

Data Sheet - InSpec Ex-Enhanced Blender Controller


InSight Safe Area Blender Controller

The InSight is a safe area real-time blender controller with an intuitive user interface. Designed for 2-8 stream in-line blending applications, the InSight can be used for ratio control, viscosity trim, density trim or analyzer trim blending systems.

  • Real-time operating system (not PLC)
  • Self learning algorithms to guarantee accuracy
  • Polynomial meter linearisation for high accuracy blend control
  • Volume or mass blending
  • Volume correction to API 2540 and IP 200
  • Can perform single product bulk loading with metering
  • Flow weighted averages for control parameters
  • User programmable logic
  • Ratio or analyser control modes
  • The InSight can be operated as a stand-alone controller or integrated as part of a distributed control system (DCS).

Data Sheet - InSight Safe Area Blender Controller


SCADA Systems

All blenders are available with dedicated SCADA systems for operation and management of recipes. SCADA systems are developed for each application and can include database and trending information for process optimisation.