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Mixing Systems


Mixing at the outlet to a blender header is crucial to ensure that the product delivered is fully homogenous.  Mixing becomes even more important if analysers are mounted in the blender header to provide quality optimisation of the blended products.  Jiskoot mixing systems are all designed in accordance with international sampling standards to guarantee product homogeneity.


JetMix Mixer

The JetMix® mixing system uses a pump to withdraw a small portion of the process fluid and re-introduce it into the pipeline, in the form of high velocity jets.

A JetMix has no pressure-drop and is suitable for high-turndown blenders where the pressure drop normally developed across a static mixer is unacceptable. The pumped bypass loop of a JetMix system can also be used for the installation of on-line analysers such as densitometers to avoid the need for mounting insertion devices in the blender header.

Static Mixers

In applications where there is a limited flow turn down, a static mixer may have a sufficiently low pressure-drop and provide enough mixing at all flow rates to be suitable for blenders. Static mixers supplied by Jiskoot are supported by pressure drop estimates.