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Five Stream Crude Oil Blender for Asian Refinery

Oct 17, 2012

Cameron has supplied a five-stream inline JISKOOT blending system with on-line quality measurement and control to a major new refinery in Asia.
The crude oil blending system will allow the refinery to optimize the cost and quality of the crude oil used by the facility by blending on-demand directly to the refinery from a wide range of crude oils in the tank farm.  The system, which was built in Cameron’s UK sampling and blending facility, in Tunbridge Wells, UK, is a complete bespoke blending system incorporating measurement, flow control valves, sampling, pressure, temperature, mixing, analysis and control system.  The package was supplied with a performance guarantee to ensure that the blended crude oil meets the tight quality parameters required by the refinery to enable them to maximize the use of low-cost crude oils. In addition, to optimize the size/cost of the blending skid, the individual stream flow measurement elements were supplied loose for installation on site.

As well as the performance guarantee, of crucial importance to the design was Cameron’s ability to provide a blending system with an extremely low-pressure drop. This was achieved using a JISKOOT JetMix™ powered mixing system, which ensures the correct mixing energy is applied to homogenize the blended crude oil at all recipes and flow rates at which the blender operates.  The JetMix is vital to providing consistent, homogenized crude oil that can be fed to the refinery.  It also assures the accuracy of the online analyzers used to continuously optimize the blend to maximize the cost effectiveness of crude oil usage.

The blender also includes a facility for quality parameters to be dynamically calculated during the blend (for more stable variables such as sulphur and tan) based on the temperature corrected blend ratio. Should a calculated variable at any point reach a configured preset limit, further automatic blend optimization is limited until the variable is within limits.  As a result, the blended crude oil will not exceed the refinery design limitation while at same time being optimized for the best achievable cost.
The system incorporates a dedicated JISKOOT blend controller with standard configurable software. This avoids the support problems often associated with custom PLC based systems and means the blender can be supported by Cameron’s global team of service engineers. The controller will be integrated with the Oil Movement and Storage System (OMSS) and blend recipes can be downloaded to the controller for blend execution. Full blend control, quality management and ratio control is provided by the blend controller ensuring integrity of operation and enabling Cameron to provide a performance guarantee for the complete blending package.
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