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Singapore, triple-sampling fastloop system

Jan 01, 2003

A Jiskoot fastloop sampling system was chosen by a major contractor in Singapore for installation at a Shell offshore platform in Malaysia, due to its ability to meet the two requirements of having to be integrated into the metering package being installed and taking three separate samples simultaneously.

Designed to be integrated into a metering system the package is designed to fit into a restricted size cabinet of 1500mm x 1500mm due to limited space on the platform. The system, rated at ANSI 900 lb, takes three simultaneous samples allowing each interested party to have a representitive sample for analysis and avoiding any errors or sample bias caused by the division of a single sample into three parts. The cabinet contained three Jiskoot 210 high-pressure (HP) cell samplers complete with grab sensors, CPC1 1 litre high-pressure sample receivers and was fed by a duplex stainless steel byscoop.  The CPC sample receivers were fitted with 70% and 80% full sensors to provide a warning signal to the controller that receivers need changing.  All instrumentation and control will be carried out by the customers flow computer.

As well as increasing sampling accuracy and repeatability, the system reduces the risk of disputes arrising from each party having a different sample from the same batch.

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