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Condensate Sampling



Condensate sampling for custody transfer, fiscal, allocation or quality measurement purposes should be performed in accordance with sampling standards of ISO 3171, ASTM D 4177, API 8.2 and IP 6.2.  These standards dictate a number of key design issues and steps that must be considered to ensure a condensate samplijng system fully complies with the standards.


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Jiskoot manufactures a range of fully engineered systems and products for condensate sampling applications with each system designed to avoid pressure drops and the potential ‘flashing-off’ of condensate to gas. Jiskoot products comply with the standards when installed and operated in accordance with the standards and all systems are supplied with a performance warranty that guarantees compliance with the sampling standards even if proved by water injection.


Jiskoot condensate samplers and products are available for custody transfer, fiscal and allocation measurement as well as sampling for calibration of multiphase flow meters. Systems can be supplied for installation on offshore platforms and FPSOs as well as terminals, pipelines, jetties and locations with SPMs. Condensate sampling systems can be designed specifically for high-pressure operating environments and sample receivers chosen for handling elevated RVP hydrocarbons.


Both probe sampler and bypass loop system are available for condensate sampling depending on the accuracy and uncertainty required. Bypass or fast loop and Co-Jetix sampling systems have the lowest measurement uncertainty and highest accuracy. An in-line probe sampler system offers lower accuracy and higher uncertainty at a lower cost.  Both bypass loop and Co-Jetix systems offer the option for on-line instruments such as densitometers to integrated as part of the sampling loop. This creates a combined sampling and analysis package that provides continuous liquid density measurement, which can be fed to a metering system for mass transfers.  All sampling system should be used in conjunction with suitable pipeline mixing if required.

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Jiskoot condensate sampling systems and products are designed and manufactured drawing on years of experience of liquid hydrocarbon sampling. They offer you the peace of mind that the equipment that you use every day will fully comply with international best practice. Jiskoot systems are simple and reliable to use, easy to maintain and in the event of a dispute provide irrefutable evidence to support your measurement system.