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Laboratory Equipment


JISKOOT MS53 Laboratory Mixer

In a sample receiver the heavier components, such as water, separate. To ensure that the sample withdrawn for analysis is representative the contents must be thoroughly more


CLIF MOCK Mixing System

The M20-3 Mixing System is designed in accordance with API 8.3, to thoroughly mix crude oil samples. The system consists of an explosion proof motor, a gear pump, and an inline static mixer mounted on a carbon steel drain more


JISKOOT Laboratory Workstation LabPC & Mixer

The Laboratory Workstation comprising the Laboratory Mixer and LabPC is designed to standardise and record the sample handling and mixing process through the withdrawal of samples from the receivers for more


JISKOOT Sample Receiver Cleaning System

Two types of receiver cleaning system are available. A hot water based system for products that can be cleaned with water at 70-80° C and a solvent based system for more arduous more