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Liquid Probe Samplers


A complete range of positive displacement probe samplers, for liquid hydrocarbons, which fully complies with the requirements of the ISO3171, ASTM D 4177, API 8.2 and IP 6.2 sampling standards.  Probes can be supplied with seal housings allowing installation by ‘hot-tap’ and removal under line pressure for maintenance. All Jiskoot probes are suitable for custody transfer and allocation measurement applications.


JISKOOT 210P & 210P-HP Pneumatic Heavy Hydrocarbon Probe Sampler

Pneumatically actuated sampler for liquid hydrocarbons up to 8000cSt. Available for 8" to 52" pipelines and in ANSI 150-900 pressure ratings, the 210P is designed for arduous, heavy crude oil environments. more


JISKOOT 210EH & 210EH-HP Hydraulic Heavy Hydrocarbon Probe Sampler

Hydraulically actuated sample probe suitable for liquid hydrocarbons up to 8000cSt and installations with no plant air. The 210EH can be supplied with a self-contained power-pack and is available in ANSI 150-900 pressure more


JISKOOT 710EL-MC Probe Electrically Driven In-Line Sample Extractor

The 710EL-MC Probe is a low pressure sample extraction device suitable for use as part of an in-line sampling system. Powered by an integrated motor, it is ideal for remote applications where an air supply is more


JISKOOT Hydraulic Sample Probe Extractor

Hydraulic extractor designed for the safe insertion and removal of sample probes under process pressure to avoid probe more


JISKOOT Probe Sampler Weatherproof Housing

The Probe Sampler Weatherproof Housing is a GRP protective top box designed to house the actuator/electric motor of the sampler and all the required more


CLIF MOCK True Cut Sampler Controllers

The CD Series Sample Probe Controller controls the sampling frequency of C-Series Sample Probes. more


CLIF MOCK C-Series Probe

The C-Series isokinetic inline sampling probe requires neither air nor hydraulics to capture samples. Rather, the probe is actuated by an electrical pulse from a controller, and uses existing pipeline pressure to fill the sample chamber with more