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Pipeline Mixers

JISKOOT JetMix Pipeline Mixer


The JetMix mixing system uses a pump to withdraw a small portion of the process fluid and re-introduce it into the pipeline, in the form of high velocity jets at a point upstream of the sampling system.

A JetMix has no pressure-drop and is designed in accordance with the Annexe A (ISO 3171) calculations to provide mixing across a wide range of flow rates for applications like marine loading/unloading.

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Pipeline mixing to create a C1/C2 ratio above 0.9 for the full range of flow rates and fluid properties is a critical requirement of the sampling standards.  Jiskoot mixing systems are all designed in accordance with the Annexe A mixing calculations at the minimum flow rate, viscosity and density to ensure total system compliance.

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JISKOOT C1/C2 > 0.9 compliant static mixers

In applications where there is a limited flow turn-down (typically less than 4:1), a static mixer may have a sufficiently low pressure-drop and provide enough mixing at all flow rates to comply with the standards. Static mixers supplied by Jiskoot are supported by C1/C2 and pressure drop estimates.