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Sample Receivers


JISKOOT PR Sample Receivers

The PR-23, 53 and 103 are 9, 18 and 35 litre (2.5,5 and 10 USG) portable sample receivers designed for the collection of crude oil and refined product batch samples. They have no dead volume and include a pressure gauge, relief valve and a facility for a customs more


CLIF MOCK True Cut Receivers

CLIF MOCK True Cut R-Series Portable Sample Receivers are designed to meet or exceed all API, ISO and ASTM industry standards and are available in 1, 2, and 5 gallon more


CLIF MOCK CMC Circulating System

CLIF MOCK True Cut Circulating Systems allow operators to collect, store, and mix crude oil and other low-pressure sampled product in a single receiver, minimizing the loss of light more


CLIF MOCK Multiple Receiver Circulating Systems

The requirement for multiple crude oil receivers on pipelines has become common practice in recent years. This has been due to either more frequent or smaller batch sizes as well as the increased accuracy of having dedicated product or customer more


JISKOOT Constant Pressure Sample Receivers

The CPC is a compact, portable constant pressure sample receiver for the receipt, storage and transportation of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon samples. It is designed to be pre-charged with inert gas to maintain the sample at process pressure for more


JISKOOT ShearMix Sample Receiver Mixing Station

The Jiskoot ShearMix station is designed to fully homogenise the contents of a constant pressure sample receiver, at the sample collection line pressure to ensure analysis sub-sample homogeneity andretention of more


JISKOOT Sample Receiver Weighing System

The CanWeigh is an intrinsically safe electronic weighing system designed to measure the mass of samples collected in up to two sample more


JISKOOT MS53 Laboratory Mixer

In a sample receiver the heavier components, such as water, separate. To ensure that the sample withdrawn for analysis is representative the contents must be thoroughly more


JISKOOT CPC Volume Sensor

The CPC Volume Sensor is a non-invasive sensor allowing a sampler controller, such as a Jiskoot InSpec controller, to continuously monitor the filling of a constant pressure sample receiver (CPC). This fulfils the requirements of the ISO 3171, ASTM D 4177, API 8.2 and IP 6.2 sampling more