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IsoFraction LNG Sampling System


The Jiskoot IsoFraction™ LNG sampling system comprises a gas sampling system with an integrated vaporisation, stabilisation and control system to ensure control of the phase change of the LNG to gas with minimal lag. Once LNG has been vaporised it is  maintained above the dew point of the component fractions. It then flows through a conventional gas sampler where gas samples are extracted into a fixed pressure (variable volume piston) sample collection receiver (CPC).

The LNG sampling system will normally employ three gas samplers tied into a single process loop to allow three independent but comparable samples to be taken. In addition, provision is made to allow the extraction of fixed volume samples to conventional 500ml receivers at key intervals (25/50/75/100 %) of the batch. These are spot samples and require the vessels to be purged to ensure representivity of a specific point in the batch.

This LNG sampling process provides improvements over conventional methods due to the high volume of gas flowing through the system which ensures representivity of the gas both sampled, and fed to a GC.


3 samples are taken and held in the Constant Pressure Sample Receivers. The use of fixed pressure receivers allows minimal atmospheric or cross batch contamination and a large number of small samples to maximise batch representivity.


Click here to download the IsoFraction LNG Sampling System Brochure

A Typical IsoFraction LNG System Specification is available on request